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Tuesday, September 14


We have had a little break! This was, to be frank, probably best for all concerned, given the overall tenor of etc etc

Anyway, we have several pressing matters to clear up before we get back on the "treadmill of virtue" of punching out the daily-or-so ill-conceived posting. So, shall we? (Answer="yes")


Good riddance, Dan O'Connor! You are an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! How DARE you proffer Creed to the nation, LET ALONE during the Pop Week. Fop hopes you are never again allowed on the television (and notes that when you wear that manky baseball cap, you look just like someone selling some heroin outside Hungry Jacks on the corner of Bourke and Russell, as opposed to, eg, an alleged hunk "with a heart for Jesus").


It's interesting, isn't it, what comes up when you google for Casey Donovan. Something witty, ought to be said about this. (And perhaps it already has been.)

Something else that is mildly entertaining is that an 8 year old child who is a fan of The Real Casey from Idol in her Indigenous "format" may or may not have been named "Aaliyah-Jade". How. Unwieldly.


Is it now common knowledge that Emelia has been lying about her performance history? According to the internet (and an exclamation (pock)marked scribbling in the Fop comments), Amateur Hour has INDEED sung in front of more than 3 people before - contrary to her "much-loved" claims to never having done so. In fact, she used to wheel out that old chestnut "Fever" at the Eltham College end of year school concert on something of an annual basis, apparently. This information should be made public, shouldn't it? After all, the judges make so much every week of how "new" she is to all the performing and nerves and such. Perhaps she could be disqualified and the glorious Ngaiire returned in her place. (Emelia did do the Pink quite well this week, we note.)


Fop was thrilled to bear witness to the Missy 'Misdemeanor' Higgins recital at the Evelyn Hotel last night.

She was very good, but sadly we did NOT see anyone with a "We love you Misdemeanor" sign or t-shirt.

Misdemeanor also said "bugger" when she played her little piano incorrectly, and it was endearing! Several hundred thunking piano chord changes later and we thought it was over! But NO, Misdemeanor had still to unveil her "Special Two"! (NOT, her, eg, bosoms.) And so she did, and it was QUITE LOVELY.

May there be a Misdemeanor at the top of the ARIA albums chart for an entire MONTH.


Can you IMAGINE, those half-arsed-harmonising three-chorders the Spazzys have finally relieved themselves of their album. It is called "Aloha, Go Bananas" and as anticipated, it is absolutely hilarious.

* Every song is very short!
* They've re-recorded several of their singles from recent years from the album, and they appear here in a pleasingly sped-up format!
* They've provided a faithful reading of a song from the olden days called "My Boyfriend's Back", and it is quite special indeed!

You will clearly be needing this album, we'd respectfully suggest.


There are several online presences that we are long, long overdue in gesticulating towards. These are:

*Hecho En Mexico is a lovely Melbourne chap who enjoys trains and other methods of transportation. Among other things, HE GOES ON ALL THE TRAINS, and writes about it! This is far better than we have made it sound
* A Wild Yound Under-Whimsy is in fact the blog of Mel, also from Melbourne, who has recently had some difficulties due to naming her friends in the ripping yarns she electrically tells all and sundry, about her life. We would suggest that she continues naming names as the resulting barney in the comments was worth its "weight", but it would appear that this is not to occur. She is also rather funny indeed and enjoys listing/lists - what is NOT to like
* Up the Ante! is the home of the astute So Oz As Idol-related representations and warranties provided by Angus from out of the more highbrow I Feel Love. He would also appear to be from Melbourne

You shall all be placed in the Penumbra of Eminence (our links) just as soon as can BE, you excellent things!


At 10:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About bloody time Mr.. I have been soo bored at work, and seeing the fraudulent Emelia's face every time I looked at your site has been very demoralising. Thank god for Glitter for Brains, otherwise I would have had to do WORK!! Kathy's sis.

At 9:00 am, Blogger Jess said...

How I've missed you, Will!

At 8:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should you wish to uncover the whole story, here's a very interesting thread...don't know if you saw it!

Welcome back BTW!


At 2:00 pm, Anonymous will said...

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