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Monday, August 30


She is very good, isn't she, the old Emelia. If she keeps this up we'll stick her in the sidebar with Chanel. Perhaps.


At 10:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't lauged so hard in ages. Very endearing.

Epic Monsterpiece

At 2:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But she's a damned out and out LIAR!!! LIAR! Good luck Emmy, but you're a LIAR! We all know about "Fever" at Eltham College, and if you DARE sing that song as one of your repertoire, we will all swoop down on you and expose you for the imposter and poser you are.

Good luck.

At 3:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, really? Spill!

Epic Monsterpiece

At 11:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


She barley remembers that singing competition, she definetly
did not have five years of singing training I can promise you that.

Absolutley did not have 5 years of singing training.

She was an athlete that girl trained seven days a week she
barley had any time for her school work let alone singing training.

When she was 12 she sang fever in the junior division of the school singing
competition, she was up against about 10 other peolple and thats all.

There were about 50 people in the auditorium and she didn't remeber

doing it until I told her about these forums. She is very upset that people are
saying these things, since that early high school experience she has not sung a note.

Please give her a break and let her sing now.



Do you think that a singing competion she sung
in 10 years ago qualifies her as a professional singer?

Seriously, get a life. When she auditioned for the show they asked
her if she had any professional singing experience and she said no.

That is the truth PROFESSIONAL as in not a dinky school conmpetition,
and I also know that when she as 15 she was not attending Eltham
College any more, she went to another school at the start of year ten.

Give the girl a break, all she is doing is singing for us each Sunday thats it.

She isn't hurting anyone and if all you losers who waste time posting
crappy, pathetic things like oh she sang once ten years ago and had
some lessons here is a tip DON'T WATCH THE SHOW, CHANGE THE CHANNEL...


same cat we finally need to get the facts straight!!!!

your quote "So when Emelia takes responsibility for her lies and says she
is sorry then I will forgive her, but not before" Very moralistic of you Same cat!!!

Firstly who are you to ask for forgiveness!!

I am prepared to tackle you now on these so called lies.

Ok let's discuss the earliest issue, but by the way I am now letting you know that I know
Emelia personally and also have every video recording of her auditions and performances.

let's now evaluate her so called lies and i will tackle one issue a time - first issue
- "a single mother" - I've viewed the videos and never at any stage did she state she was a

single mum - I looked at the videos tonight and she said she doesn't have any support.
She is originally from Melbourne has moved to Adelaide because of her partners
job and does not have the support of her family because hello they are in Melbourne!!

- she is a loving mother much to your disgust

Same cat and if you look at the her first audition it is Dicko
who assumes (wrongly i might add) that she is a single mother

one lie out of the way!!!


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