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Sunday, August 15


One of our CDs is missing. It's Saint Etienne's "Action" (a single).

We require it as we are punching out a bit of a compilation and wish to follow Holly Valance's "Action" with Saint Etienne's "Action". (It's always humourous to follow a song on a compilation with one with the same or similar title by another artist. See also, Kylie Minogue "Automatic Love" and The Real McCoy "Automatic Love(r)").

So where the HECK is "Action"? MISSING. We looked in the "S" section of our collection. We have many, many S CDs. We see Salt-n-Pepa, we see Steps, we see Scooch, we see Smith, Elliott, we see Spears, Britney. We see Solid Harmonie. We see Spazzys, The. We see S.O.A.P.. We see Snap!. But we do NOT see Saint Etienne.

So we wandered down the bit of "S" that we rarely visit. We see Skunk Anansie, Superchunk, Scandal'us. We see the Simpsons "Songs in the key of Springfield". We see a terrible CD by a band called Square One that we got in Trinidad and Tobago in 2003 thinking it would contain much Alesha from Misteeq-stylee "shouting" (it didn't). We see a Simon and Garfunkel compilation. There's Sash!, Something for Kate and Sinitta. BUT NO SAINT ETIENNE.

Where IS IT?

We are SURE we have it. We remember well, a few years ago, playing it a lot and thinking that the "Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh" bit before the chorus sounds like a ripoff of the "Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh" bit before the chorus in Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a bottle".

It seems not to be anywhere! HOW IRRITATING.


At 7:07 pm, Blogger Edward O said...

Somewhere, somewhere in a big box, I have this single. I could provide some kind of compressed audio file similar to the actual song, if you wanted. Do you want the verstion that is the same as on the album but SHORTER or the delightful Mr Joshua Radio Edit?


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