I was faced with a choice, at a difficult age. Would I write a book, or should I take to the stage

Sunday, August 8


Although most people who read us would surely know this by now, we note that Crystal has summarily terminated Michael's services, packed up her bat and ball and relocated herself here. To be honest we didn't really know what we'd do when we heard the Love Pavilion was to end. Fop began because of it, see, and looking back we probably stole all their best jokes and passed them off as our own. However, the Gallagher Factor would certainly appear to be a very good stopgap while we're still getting over the passing of Crystal feat. Michael. We should, then, be right to go on with Fop (as long as Crystal continues to delightfully rate things out of little dogs).

In seriousness, the Love Pavilion was one of the finest things to be found on the internet in recent times. We will miss it terribly. Thank you, The Pavilion - for the pop (or was it indie?), the humour and the life mechanics.


At 12:08 am, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

That was very poignent Will, thank you.

I'm not sure quite what to make of it though...I mean, I know I am not as good without Michael adding the occasional rap, but I hope my solo career won't let you down too much. There will still be Life Mechanics, after all!

The bonza dogs are now the Offical Measure Of Value, so I don't see them going any time soon.


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