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Tuesday, August 10


Our long awaited CD single of Sara-Marie and Sirens "I'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)" has finally arrived! THANK GOD.

We are so happy about it that we are going to review each of the four tracks on the single with a high level of detail. Three of the tracks are different versions of "I'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)". And we are going to write about each of them separately.

Can't wait, can you. Well, you'll have to for a time, because we really need to think carefully about what we're going to say. We want to do this RIGHT.


At 9:25 am, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

I really can't wait! I hope it's going to be up today.

At 11:17 am, Blogger Fop said...

Thank goodness someone's interested!

Tonight, it will appear. The MIFF review has exhausted me.


At 3:03 pm, Blogger iPatrickBlake said...

Oh Fop you are wonderful. I think I love you.


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