I was faced with a choice, at a difficult age. Would I write a book, or should I take to the stage

Monday, August 16


It's fantastic!

And it's all thanks to the hard work and dediction of Chris Martin and the Liz-o-Vations team.

And get ready because a Fop Major Event (relating to Sara-Marie and Sirens "I'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)") is coming soon... (it may be tomorrow. We're still waiting on Ausculture and Kate Bush to do their bit.)


At 12:53 pm, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

Now that really stretched it!

I just wanted to see if the comment li-o-vations worked.

At 12:54 pm, Blogger Fop said...

It all seems fine!

Are the comments pink?

At 12:59 pm, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

Not anymore...

Still seems too big though, wouldn't you say?

At 1:01 pm, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

just seeing if that worked...

At 7:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you struggle for finances, do you get one of the other members of Coldplay?



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