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Monday, July 5


Although we're meant to be cranking out the Shakaya edition of the Queensland Pop Diaries, we have to say a little something about Mean Girls , which we viewed last night at the hideous Crown. And do you KNOW that it is actually very bloody GOOD? Well. It is. We now love Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan: Lovely, isn't she ("No." - Hilary Duff)

There are just so many good reasons to see this film, even if you can't normally face attending a megaplex due to all the rowdy teens answering and talking on their phones during the film and just being generally vile little pieces. You should make an exception for Mean Girls. Because:

* It has a significant Parker Posey connection (the director also directed and adapted the screenplay for the terribly good Posey vehicle The House of Yes) so you KNOW it's going to be at least "quite good"

* It's about a girl called "Cady", which rhymes with "lady". But despite this, the kids at her school sometimes accidentally-on-purpose call her "Caddy" and it is all very humourous

* It is really rather edgy, for what it is (which, to be quite honest, is a film that is desperately trying to stay within a teen-friendly rating by carefully not having anyone say the word "motherfucker" and not display any love-match for the gay character at the end despite all the other characters being paired off at the end at their "prom", presumably so as not to offend Christians and similar). This edginess goes beyond a hilarious running joke involving the word "crack" and variants

* You're meant to know how "mean" Cady is at any given point in the film by direct reference to how slutty she's dressed (the sluttier, the meaner)

* Lacey Chabert from out of the execrable Party of Five is brilliant as a Jewish-American princess who is in the mean girls and has many damaging secrets about the head mean girl, but neglects to actually keep any of the secrets due to intense bitterness and such

* The meanest of the mean girls' "Mom" says chuckle-worthy things like "You girls keep me young!" and "Let me make you girls a humpday treat!". Also a dog bites her on the bosom but she DOESN'T seem to NOTICE

You'll agree, we have made some sort of point. Mean Girls: it's better than you, eg, expect.


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