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Sunday, June 6


After the roaring success of our attempt to locate the elusive Sara-Marie and Sirens CD single "I'm So Excited! (The Bum Dance)" (we now have been pledged this. Thank you Chris, your Morrissey greatest hits will be winging its way to Sydney before you can say boo) we thought we'd have another crack.


Give us this!

And we'll give you this!

That's right, if you have an old CD single of Faith Hill "This Kiss" kicking around, why not exchange it for Steps "Say You'll Be Mine/Better The Devil You Know"?
You see, we just heard "This Kiss" in the supermarket and couldn't help noticing how it's a contender for the title of "Forgotten pop gem". "Say You'll Be Mine" is also a gem, but we already have three copies for some reason.

So now, we wait (for an email).


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