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Tuesday, June 29


Edition 2: SOPHIE MONK

Just like a cellophane bag of mixed jubes, Sophie Monk is "everyone's favourite". If you simply can't work out who she is, DON'T YOU EVEN KNOW THAT:

* She was the only even adequate thing about Australia's first popstars outfit Bardot (who were actually quite GOOD and once had a very nice song about a "mother"

A mother

* She's just like your good old bogan cousin from Noosa, but twice as talented!

* She EMBODIES all things Queensland. Please turn your attention to the following statement made by Sophie in 2001 in response to the question about the best thing about being famous: "The best thing about it is all the free stuff we get. Food, clothes, CDs, you basically get anything you want. For free!" YES.

* She used to play Marilyn Monroe in a Queensland themepark on a daily basis! Obviously when Bardot began, however, it just would not DO for Sophie to continue in this line of work, even part time. Additionally she claims to have had "enough of Marilyn for the rest of my entire life."

* She has just completed a top secret tour of scenic Iraq! A DVD of Sophie Monk: Live in Baghdad is sadly unlikely to follow.

* Sophie once (and this is really quite excellent) used to carve "I love Sophie" into desks at her school "to make me seem more popular."!

* Sophie explained to Smash Hits in 2002 that the Queensland school system is different to the rest of Australia, and that this is necessary because "Queensland kids are a bit slow, I suppose."

SO DO YOU SEE? Sophie Monk is clearly the Australian non-Minogue popstar that it's GOOD to like/enjoy.

Edition 3: a massive chance of us doing SHAKAYA.

This "Queensland pop diaries week" is being extended, please note. Until we get 7 editions. Hopefully it won't take THAT long, bloody.


At 8:38 am, Blogger Edward O said...

Ah, Sophie. She is great. Why did she not release "Come My Way" as a single? It is genius of the highest order, and much better that bloody rubbish "One Breath Away".

At 9:08 am, Blogger Fop said...

It's silly, isn't it? "One Breath Away" is one of her worst.

I would have liked it if she'd released the album version of "Come My Way" with her serious operatic "work" leeching into the beginning. This could have had a video with Sophie first as opera diva doing 15 seconds of "Pie Jesu" which would be followed by her dancers tearing off her opera frock to reveal some sort of disco dolly dress and the opera stage turning into a disco in a George Michael urinal stylee.

At 2:06 pm, Blogger Edward O said...

They could have hired the Latvian choreographers from Eurovision 2002 to do that, and it would have been great.

At 10:57 am, Blogger iPatrickBlake said...

Oh yes that segue from the opera into Come My Way is aural candy, I love it, it is divine. Calendar Girl is not THAT bad an album. It is actually rather good. But placed next to the pure drama and excitement of "200kmh in the wrong lane" by tATu that I bought at the same time, it is just NOTHING.


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