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Wednesday, May 26


After a little hiatus of sorts, Fop is back in business. We might be relaunching as a MP3 blog soon, being as they are, the new thing, and we have precious little else to offer sporadic witty commentary doesn't seem likely to cut it, hilariously enough. Are they legal


1. About That Tranny Program

The ordinarily readable Debi Enker has seen fit to crank out a critique of this quite recently which seemed to feel rather too sorry for the poor blokes tricked by the lamentable Miriam. Fop Management admits to finding this sort of pity for the hard-done-by straight boys a bit hard to digest, considering nobody felt very sorry for the golddigging charlatans hoping to marry a millionaire on That Other Show. However, Miriam herself appears to be an absolute nincompoop (though no blander than any of the current Australian Big Brother paricipants, we have to aver).

2. We understand Japan to be on the list of possible new Eurovision participants in 2004. Is this a prank/crank at Fop's (limited) expense, viewers? Because it appears, after all, that Japan isn't quite in Europe. If it's true, however, Fop respectfully suggests that little Tommy February6 be sent along to Kiev as the Japanese delegate for 2005.

If Japan takes the UK/Austria/Germany approach of sending a guitar strumming snooze-merchant (as seems to be the latest Eurovision craze), they might as well cancel the WHOLE THING.

That is all.


At 5:31 pm, Blogger sjusju said...

legal: apparently NOT, according to rima.
now: where is the link to the debi? (debi on demand!)

At 9:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think u like tommy, you must like pizzicato five.... they must be pop classic from japan


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