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Monday, April 26


America has seen fit to expel the wondrous Jennifer Hudson from their little talent show.

What rubbish! She, LaToya and Fantasia are the very best! Not, as this week's show suggests that America thinks, the worst. Even while waiting to see who'd be evicted, those three exhibited more "personality" (read "fury") than ought to be required to win any sort of talent quest. And yes, I KNOW that the "Idol" concept lends itself far better to "Middle America picks the blandest, least threatening singer who exhibits some vague competence" rather than the infinitely more thrilling "Faggots of America pick their bitchiest diva Idol." BUT STILL. Can the intolerably bland George Huff please be removed next? ("No." - middle America)

Also, the Barry Manilow American Idol special was brilliant *develops shortlived newfound appreciation*


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