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Wednesday, April 7

Lopez mother pokie windfall

I note that J-Lo's mother, name of Guadalupe, has won millions on the pokies this day. She said this: "It was divine intervention. I have a great devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and had just looked up at the $2 million and said a little prayer to her when I hit the jackpot. Our Lady really looks out for me. When I won, my knees started shaking and I started yelling and screaming."

My thoughts are these:
1. Why is the Lopez mother playing the pokies.
2. Perhaps Our Lady looks out for her, but apparently J-Lo isn't quite as consistent in looking after the Lopez mother if she has to offer a prayer begging for $2 million.
3. Guadalupe is actually a very nice name. Also, a nation, isn't it! *checks*
4. I wonder how much money she's pissed away in this manner over the years.

Here is the best google image result for "Guadalupe Lopez". I think it's safe to assume this is her, viewers:


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