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Monday, April 26

How's this for a "jaunty Steps-like vibe" then

In pop, if you don't think Steps are a pinnacle of sorts then you should be force-fed politely offered an non-stop aural diet of Topham/Twigg/Waterman co-writes, Claire lead vocals and SIMPLY UNSTOPPABLE melody/harmony configurations (ie the entire Steps output, apart from the songs with Lee and Lisa singing them). The Love Pavilion people call this a "jaunty Steps-like vibe" and they really are, I think, onto something. (Often the Love Pavilion say that Liz Phair's new album has the jaunty Steps-like vibe and I quite agree!)

You see viewers, sometimes a song comes along sung by a "proper" band that "writes their own songs" that people might think is nothing like Steps at all - something that would never be derided as "loved only by children and gays" or be mimed on Top of the Pops accompanied by a cracking dance routine easy enough for ANY IDIOT to do. But just sometimes, that song that is nothing like Steps has that jaunty Steps-like vibe NONETHELESS. This is, I think, due mainly to the song having a very nice melody. You can imagine the song being done by Steps, if all the guitars were stripped off, the tempo was bumped up a few notches, Claire sang the chorus and Almighty were paid the price of a small car to remix it for the gays.

Tiffani Wood has recently failed to disturb the Australian top 20 had a huge hit with "What R U Waiting For", a dyslexic song with a jaunty Steps-like vibe. The Fountains of Wayne did jaunty Steps-like vibe to the letter with the brilliant "Stacey's Mom" And now there is something even better: it's The Spazzys.

Not only does this boisterous Melbourne trio bravely refuse to obey basic rules of written English in respect of pluralisation (because you see it should be "The Spazzies" shouldn't it viewers) but they know how to punch out a ripping, shouty little pop song. The Spazzys have just released a single of sorts called "Paco doesn't me".

On this single there are four songs. These songs (one of which, "Let's Get Spazzy" runs only for a feverish 59 seconds):
* Are short (just like Steps!)
* Have nice harmonies (just like Steps!)
* Are frenetic, jump-around affairs (just like Steps!)
* Are like aural sugar (just like Steps!)

In conclusion, the Spazzys are just like Steps.*

AND, their forthcoming album has the fantastic name of "Aloha, Go Bananas" and should be absolutely hilarious!

* Except you wouldn't know it the way some music snobs carry on. The types who'd listen to the Spazzys but not Steps because the latter are "manufactured" and "talentless", whereas the Spazzys "play instruments and write their own songs" and are "independent". Such people are clearly retarded: The Spazzys are Steps with guitars and a few rough edges. Nothing more/less.


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