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Monday, April 5

Go on, take everything

Well, something mortifyingly embarrassing has happened, on Sunday evening, to Fop. It is far too tawdry for it to be recounted here, but I would like to know how it will be possible to stop being embarrassed about a particularly regrettable (though quite inconsequential) thing that occurred. Send an email if you have any idea. Better if it doesn't refer to the "fullness of time" or similar. BLOODY HELL.

And to make matters even worse, I hear that the Fast Food Rockers have been dropped.

While this news is, I suppose, quite redundant, in light of the fact that their album sold less than 500 copies, it still shits me. The FFR were quite unfairly treated by various media outlets and internet snobs. I know, that they were shameless, easy, comfort-pop. But there was no need to be so mean, about them. Why not save up that wrath for a bunch of nu-rock poseurs such as the spastic Jet? Far more deserving. Jet, as far as I can see, never bother to have proper dance routines in their videos, which is simply thoughtless. AND, they are just as much a deliberately costumed, over-styled, entirely CONSIDERED group as FFR ever were.

*flies into rage*


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