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Thursday, April 1

Ah yeah

Tommy February6's new album "Tommy Airline" has just been brought to me. At, it must be said, NOT INCONSIDERABLE EXPENSE to my person.

Lord I love little Tommy February6. Know her? No? Well read ON!

I discovered this absolute wonder of Japanese 80s-Kylie-inspired pop artiste Tommy February6 in November of 2002. I was wandering through the Sony tower in Osaka (in Japan, if you don't mind) when I caught a glimpse of the most remarkable thing. It was Tommy's video for "Kiss, One More Time". Playing on an expensive gadget. The video also featured the little AiBo robot dogs! Oh yes.

Further, she always, I understand, has a novelty microphone in her videos, and this was certainly no exception. What a good song! I needed to know all about it, so I asked a Japanese woman in the Sony tower who it was! After some initial misunderstanding (why how hilarious) she explained about Tommy, and I scuttled off to spend my overseas trip money on as many Tommy February6 CDs as there were. Luckily she only had one album, at that point. On the cover of this, she is spraying a can of Glade (and appears to have just done the shopping)! How unreal:

That album is just terrific. I play it all the time!

And now she has another! "Tommy Airline"! And I have to tell you, viewers, it is the most exquisitely packaged CD I have ever seen. It comes, firstly, in a travel wallet looking thing. With a picture of the "Tommy Airline" aeroplane on the cover:

And then, inside, there is not only a DVD as well as the CD, but also all this extra STUFF:

* Tommy Airline boarding pass! "Destination: Your Eyes."
* Tommy February6 passport! Recent ports visited include "Little Twin Stars Island" and "Japan"
* Tommy Airline baggage tag! Like an actual etc etc
* And much more besides!

Beautiful, it is. I have honestly never seen anything like it.

(Why not have a little look at a delightful interview with Tommy here, in English! She talks about how she's influenced by "Kaily" Minogue, amongst other highly adorable things.)


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