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Tuesday, March 23

"Funny Bunny Boy" by Evelyn

Now look. I am finding that whenever I provide some lucky person with a mix tape of my own creation and see fit to include the Swedish late 90s pop frippery "Funny Bunny Boy" by Nordic disco dolly Evelyn, I am told only of how the song had to be fast forwarded on the tape, and how insanely dreadful it actually is. I cannot understand this response as it is actually wrong. "Funny Bunny Boy" is one of the finest hours of Scandinavian pop music. "Funny bunny boy, you're my secret little toy!" warbles Evelyn, trying her absolute best in the chorus. "Oh, I love to hold you tight, you make me feel so right," she carefully rhymes. I actually embarrassed myself by singing the chorus up to "secret little toy", to a boy once, who responded by asking me not to demean him. What an IDIOT!

Evelyn's album, the simply excellent "Partystarter", seems to be no longer listed on Amazon, but I'm sure you could find it if you needed to. And rest assured, viewers, that you totally do! Need it. She is sort of like a Swedish version of make-up caked Australian popstrel, Joanne. Remember her? Dropped, stupidly, after her debut album "Do Not Disturb" failed to "disturb" the charts. If you think of the calibre of Joanne's rather cheap looking video for "Jackie" (one of the best songs in Australian pop history), you can imagine Evelyn's general oeuvre.

I am to blog more regularly, yes. Thank you for the nagging.


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