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Thursday, February 26

Yes, yes, film reviews

I do have a couple of things to say about film.

1. Goodbye Lenin is quite a sweet little piece.

It's about a young East German chap who doesn't want his mother, who has recently woken from a coma, to find out that the Berlin wall has fallen while she was in the coma. So, of course he goes to heartrending, tedious lengths to forge an elaborate charade for her benefit. I thought the overall premise a bit silly since I didn't think the film sufficiently emphasised the mother's purported allegiance to the East German regime to the extent required for such an operation to be necessary. Still, it features an actor with the excellent name of Katrin Sass. And, you do get to see the star, Daniel Brühl, in his undies and as Carrie Bradshaw would say, "Hot, hottie, hot."

2. I also liked Camp, a rather satisfying musical comedy about some crazy teens who go on a musical theatre summer camp. They all like Stephen Sondheim, and conveniently, so do I!

Although some of the writing feels a bit trite in parts, there are some really good bits where one of the girls sets out to sabotage another one so that she can take the stage in Sondheim's "Company" as Martha. When the director realises what the saboteur (name of Mitzi) has done, the following mildly humourous exchange takes place:
Director: You little bitch!
Mitzi: Please, I'm only a CHILD.

3. Stay AWAY from I Am Sam. Contrived piece of PAP. Sean Penn is retarded and works at Starbucks! He has an unconvincingly precocious little girl! Michelle Pfieffer is the tough hearted lawyer who has to help them stay together! The retarded man is good and true! All the non-retarded people are evil and selfish! That's a tune we've heard before. ISN'T IT. Manipulative and idiotic.


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