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Monday, February 16

Make some room in the bargain bin, Bec Cartwright

Because Tiffani Wood, formerly of Australia's thunking great pop hope Bardot, has seen fit to attempt to have a solo career!

Her first solo single, "What R U Waiting 4" is actually very good, despite its nauseating txtmssg-y title. VERY good. AND, unless I've drastically misunderstood, she appears to be in a lesbian relationship in the video! And not in an FHM-mag pretend way. But more of an "authentic", tATu-style (she seems to be living with her girlfriend and some format of child (hers?) in the clip. They're in the kitchen, and Tiff lolls around while her girlfriend unpacks some (macrobiotic, no doubt) groceries). Genius! And the song itself. It's banging. As it would WANT to be, written as it is by the canny individual who punched out "Lost Without You" for Tedious Delta.

However, there's a large fly in the ointment which would indicate that no matter how good "What R U Waiting 4" is, Tiffani Wood, lesbotic or not, is going to have major problems shifting albums. You see the poor little dullard has been noisily proclaiming damaging platitudes about how she thinks it best to use AUSTRALIAN TALENT. ("I wanted to stick with local talent. There's this attitude* in the local music industry that Australian producers and songwriters aren't as good as those from the US or the UK," she said.)


*An attitude that is certainly quite unfounded if insipid, derivative, dated pop pap is your bag.


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