I was faced with a choice, at a difficult age. Would I write a book, or should I take to the stage

Friday, January 2

Oh Mandy. You're coming to Melbourne with Andy. And you're playing the Corner, oh Mandy.

1. Mandy Moore and tennis playa Andy Rod Dick are an 'item'!

2. How Sweet Valley High of them!
3. Mandy is coming to Melbourne to watch Andy play in the Australian Open!
4. And I am led to believe that she is playing a single show at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, while she's here!
5. The gig will doubtlessly be Mandy punching out songs from her more 'adult'-sounding covers album! Which bears the rather clever title of Coverage!
6. And maybe In My Pocket!
7. But hopefully not Candy!
8. Instead of distracting Mandy from preparations for her funny little show, it would surely be better for Andy to have copious amounts of mansex a hit of the tennis ball against a wall, while he's in Melbourne!

9. Mandy is unlikely to be bringing her album's guitarist, Evan Dando, to this engagement because he's got a serious drug problem and often can't even remember his own songs when he plays live, let along Mandy's as he's ever so busy!

10. A fairly grudging Jim has agreed to come to see Mandy with me! You'll like her, I promise!


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