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Thursday, January 29


I have just received the DVD of The Daytrippers in the mail, gifted to me by a kind and lovely benefactor, ie my self.

You see I am trying to collect the DVDs of all the films that Parker Posey, my very favourite actor, appears in. I haven't even seen this one, but the IMDB alleges that it is of a high standard throughout.

I just don't see why Parker is not more famous.

She has made about 57,457 films over the past 10 years and is clearly the most interesting actor working in American films at the present time. She did have a large role in the terrific Personal Velocity last year which was ignored by most everyone. Apart from that, some of her finest hours have been:

* Party Girl: Parker likes to party AND wants to be a librarian! How inconsistent! Except not! This is the one where she famously deploys the memorable greeting: "Hey, hey, hello."

* The House of Yes: Parker thinks she's Jackie O, is in love with her brother and has the following exchange with her mother:
"Jackie, is that a gun?"

"It's not a gun, it's a camera, Mama."

"It is so a gun, so what is it doing there?"

"Just being gunlike. Gunesque. Gunonic."

"Who put it there?"


* Clockwatchers: Parker, Toni Collette, Lisa Kudrow and one other one are office temps. Parker is the Fiesty One and gets to say "You can't fire me! You don't even know my NAME!"

* Frisk: Parker is a serial killer. Despite some sucky acting and misjudged pacing, this is quite an intriguing and insightful experimental little film about gay self-loathing.

In conclusion, I assert that there is something quite wrong with a world where a stodgy potato-head such as Russell Crowe gets paid exorbitantly for the most self-aggrandising, hyper-masculine filmic styrofoam such as his entire output of the past 5 years, and Parker has to pay for her gins-and-tonic by attempting to enliven the alarmingly bad The Sweetest Thing with her delightful presence, while her crop of smart, unconventional performances in small scale films goes largely unnoticed. GIVE HER LEAD ROLES! PAY HER POTS OF MONEY!

That is all.


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