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Wednesday, January 28

Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela

I have recently learned about the rather marvellous Lucia Pamela !

* She recorded an album on the moon, during 1969.

* About the experience, she made the following comments: "The air is so thin, everything sounds different up there."
* She managed to build her own rocket and tour the galaxies before recording her album on the moon.
* She made her own colouring book and was the convenor of an enormous international colouring competition!
* However, she never received all the entries, and she sadly died on 25 July 2002, at the age of 98.
* On her moon trip, Lucia met cows, Indians and anthropomorphic cashews. "Some of the people there spoke Almond," she shouted.
* Lucia's grandson, Kenny Irwin also enjoys space travel and is carrying on the tradition.
* Lucia collected clocks and used to keep them all in a room together, where they were all set to the same time. However, after many years she disengaged from this practice: "I can't be winding clocks my whole life."

* Best of all, the internet explains Lucia's background and piano talents as follows:
Lucia Pamela needs an introduction , she recorded an album on the moon she flew up to the moon in her pink cadillac/rocket ship and recorded an amazing Jazzy album its really different to everything. She's an amazing piano player, she says at age 2 she reached for a fresh-baked cookie on the stove, her fingers melted together. She was whisked to the doctors where the doctor used a knife to slice her hand into 10 fingers. He didn't give her thumbs. So it made her a better piano player.


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