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Thursday, January 8


Cargo is a fairly poseur-lite bar and brasserie in Melbourne's Docklands region. I attended it last ev'en with the most sublime tripartite company, and although the beer glasses were not filled all the way to the top and it was all quite Chapel Street in a fairly unappealing way, the following good came of it:

1. We liked the toilets. Clearly designed for 'intimate encounters', they were separate, entirely mirrored rooms with transparent doors that became opaque when you turned the lock. That was good. As was
2. the mosaic tiled bar and surrounding area. Like being in a swimming pool, it was. An empty one, mind.
3. Victorian Deputy Premier and, er, Minister for Water John Thwaites was there with a couple of women who one of the sublime tripartite company described as looking "like ABC employees".

I rather wanted to go over and ask him about when Victoria will be getting proper domestic partnership laws for same sex couples, but was rudely shouted down by the embarrassed tripartite. "Parliament isn't in session," one of them was moaning at me. How boring!


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