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Thursday, January 8

"Can't Get It Back" by Mis-Teeq: A Family Law Perspective

: Gave you my love and I can't get it back!
Gave you all of my time and I can't get it back!
Now the ring that you gave me, you can't have it back!
Cause it's just not going down like that!

A family lawyer writes: Well, in this scenario, I would be arguing that the bling was gifted to Mis-Teeq and she should therefore be able keep it. However, if I were acting for Misteeq's estranged man I would be doing my darndest to get it into the asset pool as part of their combined wealth, as it was gifted to her but by my client; If Misteeq really wanted to keep it and the ring was of significant worth then she may have to sacrifice another asset, or failing that take out some kind of mortgage or charge. Not recommended here.

Mis-Teeq: You can't get back what you put in this relationship!
I'm telling you so!
Cause I can't get back
All my kissing and hugging and loving
So I'm telling you!

Family lawyer: Ah. Misteeq could be able to argue that "all my kissing and hugging and loving" was an additional contribution to the welfare of the family - particularly if the extended amounts of time which Misteeq spent in pursuance of these activities had a negative impact on Misteeq's earning capacity.

Mis-Teeq: Thank you, that was most helpful.

Family lawyer: That will be five hundred dollars.

Mis-Teeq: I *see*.


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