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Tuesday, December 9

Whine list

O, it is SO bloody hot! If I hear one more weather person rhapsodising about the beautiful (or, just as offensive, "fine") weather that Melbourne is currently experiencing, I will almost certainly produce a letter to the editor of some doubtlessly petulant description. I am buoyed momentarily only by the hope of a cool change which is apparently NOT coming until the end of tomorrow. And even then, knowing Melbourne's hopeless, consistently unbearable summers, it will surely bounce effortlessly back up into the high thirties by Friday.
I have, in fact, become demented due to this weather, and my anguish is not endearing me to people. "You don't even have an air conditioner!" I recently screamed at someone who kindly invited me to attend their home to dine.

I am just so angry about all of this.


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