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Thursday, December 11

Where is Billie Pip(p)er

I have not heard of her since the reasonable second album, Walk of Life.

It only has three good songs, which happen to be the singles. However, one of the poorer works thereon, a watery effort entitled "Because of You" contains the following, most interesting lyrical revelation:

"Because of you, I've no sense of time! I'm losing my mind! I've left the little girl behind, because of you!"

What incredible negligence! Billie is blaming someone else for her having MISPLACED the poor infant she is charged with babysitting.
It does seem, too that Billie is not a good choice as a babysitter, due to her lackadaisical approach to her poor general cognitive abilities ("I've no sense of time!") and wobbly mental health ("I'm losing my mind!").

Who are the parents of this little girl, callously left behind? *calls them*

Still, despite this, the album is worth at least $9.99. Because:
1. It has "Day and Night" on it!
2. She does a cover of Blondie's "The Tide is High" to great effect!
3. It's Billie Flipping Pipper!


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