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Wednesday, December 17

Taking the name in vain
The weather forecast for Melbourne today invokes the term 'SULTRY'.

Now, I am firmly of the opinion that there can only be ONE sultry.

That sultry, is Australia's Favourite Newsreader and the veritable star of Ten's Eyewitness News, SaRndra Sultry.

SARNDRA comments:

"Yes, I hate when my own name is used as a lazy euphemism for 'a hot day'. Whatever is wrong with the more traditional 'steamy'? Also in my profession we like 'scorcher'. I will have no hesitation in taking action in the County Court of Victoria for any further inappropriate use. Why, in August 2001 I was voted Australia's fourth favourite female on television. Please know that I am a seasoned professional. Yours faithfully, SARNDRA SULTRY, Telejournalist."


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