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Tuesday, December 30

*Makes amends*

I am WELL AWARE that filmica has been a bit quiet over The Festive Season. Did anybody even notice? If so, please consider that I had many things to do. I have swum in the ocean recently and liked it enough to recoil slightly from my ferocious I-hate-summer policy. I note though that once the ocean has been swum in, it's quite important to leave the beach at once. Sand, flies and this sort of thing, is the reason.

However, summer and the city are still my least preferred combination.

Now, here are some "small pieces":

Item 1. I simply cannot be bothered reviewing the remainder of the Filmica Top 10 films of 2003. It's just so exhausting writing a proper review, and I'd imagine that it's clear by now that I'd rather be considering the songwords of the Cheeky Girls or looking for and posting jpegs of "budding delinquent pop-stud" Kurt such as the below:

Anyway, Here Tis, the REST:
12. The Slaughter Rule
11. Lilja-4-Ever
10. About Schmidt
9. American Splendour
8. Open Hearts
7. Morvern Callar

6. Respiro

5. The Hours

4. Dogville

3. Ma Vraie Vie A Rouen (english title looks likely to be "My Life on Ice", fact fans)

2. Lost in Translation

(please note that this may not in fact be the official poster, for Lost in Translation. Perhaps it will please you, though, if you are of the Lord of the Rings-viewing persuasion. If you ARE of this persuasion: how tedious for all those around you!)
And the number 1 film of 2003, is quite clearly RAISING VICTOR VARGAS

Why not see each one! You can find painstakingly composed reviews of each of these here, as you'd be well aware already.

What you ought NOT see are these, the very worst films of 2003. I am not counting that Bruce Willis one, Tears of the Sun or whatever its stupid name is, because I believe some truths to be self evident:

1. Legally Blonde 2
2. Intolerable Cruelty
3. White Oleander

Dreadful, each.

Item 2.

How exciting, this new popstar called Kurt.

He seems not to have any actual musical output yet but he has a most entertaining little blog on his official site (see my links). Be wary if you're at work, I should probably warn. Though no warier than you'd need to be at, say,

Item 3.

For to celebrate the Jesus's birthday, I have been gifted with this:

Damned if I know what to think of it.

Some nice bollywood strings and that sort of thing. No Max Martin songs to be found though. I suppose I'll manage.


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