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Tuesday, December 2

Good news for Singaporeans
because that country is about to relax its ban on chewing gum due to the free trade arrangements with the USA.

However, it will only be available ON PRESCRIPTION.

I very much enjoy the following appraisal:

"It's a small step towards a good change," said 37-year-old Toru Umatani, a fund manager and a smoker. "I think this country is a little strict."

I hope the only gum they prescibe will be the Garbage Pail Kids. That gum was actually not terribly nice but it came with the cards which really were one of the best things about the years 1990-1991. Can anyone really dispute this?

Here is a picture of Singapore's flag.
In fact I think it's quite nice.

To be honest I don't really care about chewing gum and think perhaps it SHOULD be banned. I hate touching it with my finger underneath a surface and to see it on the street, well it's filthy isn't it. BAN.


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