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Tuesday, December 30

Fine my Ant Fanny

Persisting with my themes today of complaint and indulgence, I have had the misfortune to view The Age's online musings about the likely weather in Melbourne for the rest of the day. It says:

Partly cloudy with a fresh, gusty northerly wind ahead of a milder southwesterly change late afternoon or evening. The chance of a brief shower with the change, otherwise fine.
Current Temperature: 40 C

Can you imagine? The 'brief shower' is invoked as something menacing - there's just a chance of one - watch out! It'll be nasty! Let's hope that things are instead fine! Meaning, NO RAIN. For goodness sake! It's 40 degrees! It would be FINE if it RAINED! It would NOT be fine if there was a mild, impotent 'cool change' and then hot again tomorrow. NOT fine at ALL.
Someone should legislate against this biased weather reportage *notifies ICAC*


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