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Monday, December 1

Eurovision Song Contest: Pedlo version

As I expected, quite marvellous.

Best things:
1. The little girl from Belarus. Looks like she's about 2 years old and raps
2. The Arabian-themed Danish entry. Stupid, excellent
3. Busted perfomed 'Crashed the Wedding'. What a remarkable song
4. The Norwegian entry, a boy and girl called 2U, whose performance began with an endearing little dramatic sequence

Worst things:
1. Des Mangan's 'witty' Australian commentary on the whole affair. GET OFF
2. The little boy from Croatia who won. Ugly outfit, bad song
3. The nerd-tastic Cypriot entrant (see below). Appeared to be singing an Enya cast-off and looked like she'd been dressed by her mother for church.
4. 9 year old girls dressed like Chapel street tarts. Most horrifying


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