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Monday, December 15

Things have gone a bit haywire with the Filmica Top 10 films of 2003. The film I saw on Saturn's day is going to have to be slotted in at number THREE. Since I have already made my list, we're just going to have to make room. So sorry to my planned film at number 6 in the top 10, The Slaughter Rule, but you're getting relegated to number 11. Let's face it, I was putting off reviewing it for good reason. It really was too high for The Slaughter Rule, now that I think about it, for it to make number 6. Still it is worth seeing if you can.

It's good because:
*It has Clea Duvall in it!
*It is a most unsentimental yet strangely tender drama about some deeply troubled people!
*The lead character's name is Roy Chutney!


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