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Monday, December 1

Bloody Beazley
is apparently thrashing Latham in the bid for ALP leadership. How can this even BE. He likes war history, submarines and chiko rolls!

He also likes toeing the government line rather more than an opposition leader ought to.

In contrast, Mark Latham likes upsetting people. In the most exciting and astute parlimentary broadside launched this year, he delighted the nation by noisomely called John Howard an 'arselicker' at the Parliament House media pigfeed before the troops went to Iraq. It is, therefore, he who should win. However he is under fire.

Dannii and Kevin Rudd are now officially out of the race.

Kim Beazley! HOPELESS!! And even though Mark Latham is so centrist so as almost to be a member of the Liberal party, I would much prefer a prime minister from a party whose fringes are marxists and environmentalists, rather than one whose fringes are gun nuts, nazis and toffs.

Come in Latham!
Get out Beazley!


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