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Thursday, November 27


In the current xmas-themed window display in the David Jones mens' store in Bourke Street mall (Melbourne, fewl): Why are the children's mouths so horrendously wide open in this manner?

The window display looks, resultantly, quite alarming.

Every time I go past I always exclaim to myself about it, something along the lines of " their mouths are bigger than a granny smith apple!"

Why not have a look for yourself this day.

What those children ALSO remind me of though, is something TREMENDOUS. That is, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It's on SBS this Saturday night at 7pm! Good news for pedlos: performers have to be between 8 and 15. The interweb says it's "cringeworthy" but I tend to like that sort of cheesy, infantile guff so I'll probably tape it while I'm out at my friend Emma's tap dancing concert.


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