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Wednesday, November 26

Spinderella cut it up one time

Now, about the film In the Cut. It has been getting some terrible reviews. One reviewer deigned to term it 'risible'. However, my compatriot Kirsten and I saw this film and afterward noisily proclaimed its high quality. We think you should listen to our appraisal rather than that of certain reviewers (who have been, for the most part, middle age men, and do not subsequently seem to be able to grasp the notion of a female perspective on a traditionally rather masculine genre). Here's why:
1. Meg Ryan is really very good in it! (I do not ordinarily enjoy her, I am telling you now. Frizzy little bint.)

2. Nicole Kidman produced it, and she hasn't been involved in a bad filmic project since the dire Practical Magic. (sidebar: Nicole is also to feature in the upcoming adaptation of The Stepford Wives, which also features Bette Midler! Hurrah!)
3. There's a little dog in it, if you like small puppies etc
4. New York looks satisfyingly squalid.
5. Mark Ruffalo is QUITE AGREEABLE and he generously displays his (flaccid) penis at various points.
6. Meg Ryan's character lives in an apartment with a frankly lovely garden.
7. It's a Jane Campion film.
8. It's a far better film than Holy Smoke (except for the Sophie Lee bits in that film).
9. Jennifer Jason Leigh does her dry witty sad thing to great effect. (See also The Anniversary Party)
10. It's scary! Sort of.

Reasons not to see it:
1. The little dog in it is exceedingly ugly.

I think you'll agree that Kirsten and I make a strong case.



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