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Wednesday, November 26

Something funny about amazon is that people can review things without even having seen/heard/read the item being reviewed. A hilarious case in point is the following review of the marvellous Fast Food Rockers album 'It's not easy being cheesy' which some little nincompoop saw fit to post on

Here we go again.We've already heard the first song now weve got the silly album.I havent heard it yet but its bound to be stupid If you havent heard of fast food rockers then use Daphne & Celeste/Cheeky girls as an example.This is really for stupid kids of the age of 6 or 5 really so if you no that you are a mature person and that you like more better stuff like Sugababes/Spice Girls/Atomic kitten/Bwitched/Hearsay/Steps/S club 7/Liberty x then do not get this.There is one thing that i do reccomend this to if you dont like any of the groups in that list above then buy this im sure it will be useful and last thing ive got to say if you dont like any of them groups in that list youre not human youre a dumbo

Best bits = "stupid kids"/"dumbo"/"it's bound to be stupid"

I agree, though, that if you don't like Steps you probably *are* some form of dumbo. Or at least, you are bound to be stupid.


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