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Friday, November 28

A most exciting day in Federal politics *snores*

because the ALP is to have a new lieder! And according to the paper, it's going to be one of these:

In order, I would prefer:
1. Mark Latham featuring Julia Gillard (which is, apparently, the most likely combination, since Latham on his own is disagreeable to female voters). Simply because:
a. Latham is lots of fun re parliamentary stoushes; and
b. Gillard likes refugees.
(However, Latham should stop banging on about setting up savings accounts for everyone and how saving for retirement is so great. I prefer spending to saving.

2. Kevin Rudd. Merely as he is not Kim Beazley. He is a member of the ALP right so he comes in at number 2. Nice shiny hair.

3. Big Kim. He has lost two elections, likes military history and says it is "always better" for a child to have both a mother and a father. Hopeless, go AWAY.

If Dannii Minogue was running, though, she could slot in at number 2.

"All I Wanna Do is lead the ALP to victory in the 2004 Federal election."



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