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Tuesday, November 25

Kylie had 4 (four) backing singers on her funny little show on the telly last night.

Most people would say:

* "Oh, that's too many, what is she."
* etc

But I like harmonies and so am quite pleased by Our Lady's newest incarnation as a Girl Group.

Fine by me.

Also, HOW did her album not make number one in Australia this week. Beaten by the soporific Delta, that's why.

Just because Delta is illing, it's no reason to buy her album in such quantities. Especially when it only has one good song ("Lost Without You").

And in the UK it was beaten by the Busted album.

However, since Busted are rather good, I can certainly understand why this might be.

I have a friend who saw Charlie from Busted at an Augie March gig in London. Apparently, he was right up the front nodding along. And when they asked the crowd, 'has anyone got our album?', he was the first one with his hand up.

Augie March are a worse listening option than Delta Goodrem. Charlie from Busted would be better off with a nice H & Claire album.

Why here they are right now!


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